Serving Englewood, Florida with Specialized Therapy Services

Functional Transformation Clinic has been a steadfast provider of specialized therapy services to the Englewood community since our inception. From our Sarasota office, we are committed to delivering excellence and meeting the unique needs of Englewood residents, offering therapy services that enhance your well-being and natural wellness.

Comprehensive Therapy Services for Englewood Residents

At Functional Transformation Clinic, we offer a wide range of specialized therapy services tailored to the distinctive needs of Englewood residents. Our dedication to personalized care ensures that each patient receives the highest level of attention and support on their journey to improved health.

Pioneering Cancer Lymphedema Therapy

Englewood residents facing the challenges of cancer lymphedema have been turning to our compassionate therapists for support. Our approach is comprehensive, encompassing manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, exercise therapy, and in-depth education and counseling. We craft personalized treatment plans to help you to regain your quality of life.

Empowering Occupational Therapy

Regaining independence and daily functionality after an injury, illness, or disability has been our core mission. Our occupational therapists specialize in guiding Englewood residents toward independence through personalized assessments and interventions. We take pride in delivering effective rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific needs.

Elevated Pelvic Floor Therapy

Recognizing the intricate challenges of pelvic floor issues and their profound impact on your quality of life, our specialized pelvic floor therapy programs have been tailored to address your individual concerns. We focus on muscle training, biofeedback, and education, creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our patients.

Experience the Functional Transformation Clinic Difference

Functional Transformation Clinic in Sarasota has been your trusted partner in providing therapy services to Englewood, Florida and the surrounding areas. Our skilled therapists offer personalized care, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve. Whether you require cancer lymphedema therapy, occupational therapy, or pelvic floor therapy, we are unwavering in our commitment to supporting you on your journey towards better health.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. For more information about our services, and to book your appointment, please visit us online at

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