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Power Wellness Recovery (PWR)

PWR was developed by neuroscientist Dr. Becky Farley who has over 30 years of experience in Parkinson’s research and neurorehabilitation. While LSVT Big focuses on large amplitude and high effort with movements that help normalize functional mobility, PWR! focuses on anti-gravity extension, weight shifting, axial mobility, and transitional movements that help to improve function.

The goal of PWR!Moves is to help PD patients live an independent and active life for as long as possible.

Due to a loss of dopamine, over time, a PD patient’s brain begins to have difficulty communicating to the body what it’s supposed to do. Exercise boosts dopamine production which can help slow disease progression.

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The PWR! Moves

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There are four PWR!Moves which include Up, Rock, Twist, and Step.

Up: focuses on posture and alignment which can reduce falls and help the patient take bigger steps.
Rock: helps with shifting weight which can improve turns, rolls, and widen our base of support
Twist: focuses on trunk rotation with the idea that repetition of these movements can reduce rigidity
Step: helps to improve balance and movement from one place to another

These BASIC4 movements can be performed on the floor, on all fours, seated, or standing, gradually increasing in difficulty. The moves are performed with large, exaggerated movements and when done consistently, they can help PD patients to complete tasks that present challenges as the disease progresses including rolling over in bed, bending down to tie shoes, or fastening your seatbelt.

PWR!Moves can also benefit those with tremor and tic disorders, Dystonia, and spasticity related diseases helping to maintain higher levels of function and greater independence. 

Just as exercise can improve your body, it can also improve your brain and how it functions. It is especially important for people living with Parkinson’s disease to maintain brain health which means staying active. 

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