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Lymphedema prevention with SOZO

Lymphedema is a condition in which the soft tissues of the body can become filled with fluid due to damage or blockage of the lymphatic system. This can cause swelling and pain in the affected area. 

It most often occurs because of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery related to cancer treatments. 

Early detection and treatment can prevent it from becoming a life-long condition. 
According to The American Cancer Society, a large 58% of cancer patients are at risk of developing limb lymphedema and there are 1.9 million new patients diagnosed every year.

There are 4 stages of lymphedema:

Stage 0: not visible, easily treatable and reversible

Stage 1: some visible swelling, a feeling of heaviness or fullness, can be reversed with aggressive treatment

Stage 2: skin becomes spongy, the tissues become hard, the limb is swollen, and it is irreversible 
Stage 3: the limb becomes very large, the skin becomes leathery, and the skin can break creating open wounds. At this stage, the lymphedema is irreversible and requires intensive therapy to make the patient comfortable.

How we can help:

Come to see us at Functional Transformation clinic pre-surgery, so that we can get baseline measurements using our state-of-the-art equipment, SOZO

Then, post-surgery, come see us again so that we can monitor you for any trace of fluid retention in your body. Scans are performed every three months for the first 3 years after surgery. The 4th and 5th year, scans are performed every 6 months. Starting in the 6th year, scans are performed yearly. 

The test is non-invasive, takes 30 seconds, and the patient doesn’t feel a thing.

So, what measurements are taken with the test?

With SOZO, we can measure total body water including intra and extracellular fluid. Tissue analysis including fat mass, fat free mass, protein and minerals, and skeletal muscle mass. A metabolic report including basal metabolic rate, body mass index, phase angle, and weight. 

Any and all changes are tracked and treatments are implemented immediately to ensure that the patient does not develop lymphedema. 

In a study lasting 3 years, patients (92% of 1,200) who were tested early and treated did not progress to chronic lymphedema. Remarkable results! 

At Functional Transformation Clinic, we are here to aid in your recovery and help you have the best outcome possible. Our staff is highly trained and waiting to hear from you in our Sarasota office.  

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